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In December 2015, Yorkshire Rows will be setting off on a herculean challenge to row 3000 nautical miles across the Atlantic ocean. It is no surprise that more people have been into space or climbed Everest than have rowed the Atlantic. It takes a certain kind of person to keep going when faced with blisters, salt rash, sharks and sleep deprivation. That is why this race is one of the toughest races on earth.

Why are they doing it?... to raise as much money as possible for their chosen charities and to inspire others. If four working mums can row an ocean, with determination and hard work, anyone can achieve anything.

As a warm up in May this year they rowed across the North Sea from Suffolk to Holland. They have achieved their first world record for being the first women to accomplish this huge challenge!


If you would like to add your support or track their progress, please visit their website. http://www.yorkshirerows.com

Throughout their challenge we will be bringing you updates via our news section.